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Product Description

Reamers & files
Size from 08# to 140#
Competitive price and good quality

Reamers and file:

1. Stainless Steel Reamers
2. Made of High quality medical Stainless Steel
3. Triangle cross section

4. Rotating in the root canal to cut the dentin
5. With fixed plastic washer and handle marked with Model No
6. Packed with 6 files per box, available of single or assorted sizes

Our NiTi dental root canal instruments include: K-Files, H-Files, Remers, Finger Pluggers and Spreaders, Engine K-Files and engine Reamers, Manual Super Files and engine Super Files.

1. We can provide stainless and niti material
2. High qualtiy, 6PCS/box

Dental K-Files
Dental H Files
We can offer you good quality with best price for H-
-File. Also we can offer you under your brand if your order it's big.

Each box has 6PCS. You can put inside each size in one box or can put 15-40 size or 45-80 size each size one PCS inside the box.





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