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GD-S300 dental unit with rotatable unit box

●Stable and reliable quality
●Import Taiwan water & air pipe
●Rotatable box(separate circuit and water line easy for maintenance)
●Detachable connector (signal wire with quick connector for easy disassembly and maintenance)
● 3 memory push button control systems
● The chair with compensation effect reduces the patient's feeling of pushing back
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Dental unit GD-S300

300 750

Specification :    

Power voltage:220V  110V/ 50Hz, 60HZ

Motor voltage:24V

Water pressure:0.2MPa-0.4MPa

Air pressure:0.5MPa-0.8MPa 


●24V DC motor for chair  : 1 set

●Auto spittoon flushing & cup filler control system: 1 set

●Inter-lock control system: 1 set

●Down-mounted instrument tray with air brake: 1 set

●Rotatable caremic spittoon: 1 set

●3-way syringe (hot/cold): 2 sets

●Muti-function foot controller: 1 set

●High suction & saliva ejector system: 1 set

●Seamless cushion (PU): 1 set

●Outer water tank: 1 set

●Build-in floor box : 1 set

●LED sensor operating light: 1 set

●LED film viewer: 1 set

●doctor stool: 1 set

Technical parameters
1, GD-S300 colorful dental unit
1.1, the minimum chair position is less than 430mm, and the maximum chair position is less than 720mm;
Chair load 135kg (without treatment machine);
Chair lifting speed is more than 15mms, and is very stable;
Cushion inclined angle is less than or equal to 10 degree;
Back 0 degrees to 70 degrees.
1.2, the headrest can be adjusted, head extension length of less than 120mm, head tilt angle of 20 degrees, tilt angle of 40 degrees
1.3, noise less than 45 decibels, the motor rotates with mute DC motor, ensure the safe use of the hospital.
1.4, the machine has a hand control and foot control four directions chair mode of operation, with the microcomputer control system, a reset and PLC (programmable controller: according to user requirements and to control the circuit with programming logic function).
1.5, the machine is handsome, and conforms to the principles of human function, European style modeling,.PU leather pad with artificial leather, seamless compression molding; or choose super fiber environmental protection: soft, wear-resistant, bright colors
1.6, the power supply voltage: a.c.100V110V220V230V-50HZ60HZ
Motor voltage: d.c24V
Source pressure: 0.2MPa ~ 0.4MPa
Air pressure: 0.5MPa ~ 0.8MPa

2, treatment unit
2.1, the whole computer control, plane operation switch panel, convenient for doctors to observe and operate, and also not easy to cause wrong operation
2.1.1 chair position control: rise, fall, back, forward, reset  function
2.1.2 shadowless lamp control:  Shadowless lamp light intensity
2.1.3 water heater control: point action, open, close
2.1.4 mouthwash feed water control: inching operation, opening and closing, quantitative feed water setting function and automatic feed water supply function
2.1.5: move the spittoon flushing control operation, and automatic timing closing function, closing time can be set.
2.1.6 low voltage watch lamp control: pull, operate, turn on, turn off

2.2, instrument tray(touch button)

(two sets of four holes or two holes) standard high-speed handpiece tube
(a set of four holes or two holes) standard low speed handpiece tube
Configuration: two syringe . (the gun head and the shell can be separated quickly, high temperature sterilization).
Configuration easy cleaning instrument plate and a set of view lamp.
Water regulating valve is located in the instrument right, bring convenience for doctors working in the process.

2.3, the assistant side

2.3.1 a strong suction, a weak suction
2.3.2 saliva suction tube can easily remove cleaning and disinfection.
2.3.3 is equipped with a set of syringe. (spray gun and shell can be separated quickly and can be sterilized at high temperature)
2.3.4 provided by nurses the cupping, water supply, heating and position control.

2.4, LED sensor cold light
Oral cold light can infrared induction switch control stepless dimming switch
Adjustable stepless gear, low grade is above 8000Lx, more than 20000Lx,
Color temperature 6000-6500K.

2.5, ceramic spittoon
2.5.1 easy to clean, easy to disinfect, removable
The water velocity is greater than or equal to 4.5L min. 2.5.2 spittoon

2.6 configuration debugging a doctor chair, height adjustable, flexible movement.

 2.6.1 chair lift range 130mm.
2.6.2 doctor chair maximum load is 135kg.
2.6.3 with lumbar adjustment, to slightly long time work


1 Buit in curing light

2 Dental handpiece (2 high speed handpiece and 1 low speed handpiece)

3 Doctor stool(luxury model)

4 Oral cameral system

5 Built in ultrasonic scaler

6 Up mounted tray

7 Dental oil free air compressor

8 Electric micro motor

9 Leather cushion

10 Suction

11 Mobile cart

12 Optical fiber system



Power voltage   

220V  110V/ 50Hz, 60HZ

Motor voltage


Water pressure


Air pressure




dental operating light with sensor( or LED operating light)

Top-mounted instrument tray

fiber handpiece tube with  light system

high speed handpiece

low speed handpiece

built in utrasonic scaler

built in curing light

dental oral camera system

leather cushion

suction unit

oil free air compressor




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