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GD-H503 push button type with quick coupling

  • GD-H503
格徕德503格徕德通用Bur: φ1.59-1.60mm
Air pressure: 1.8-2.2bar
Torque ≥0.06N.cm   Noise ≤65db
Rotate speeding: 370,000-420,000min-1
Push button bur locking with anti-heating safety system, it can reduce the risk of burning your patients with the head of your instruments.
Single-spray: cooling supplied by four separate ducts, the ultra-precise nebulization cools the bur and the dental material as efficiently as possible. The separate water and air ducts also prevent blockage.  
Steel bearing: long life service, quiet, less vibration, great precision.
Handle: light, slim, ultra-resistant, it can withstand hundreds of sterilization leaving no signs of deterioration.
With a water anti-retraction valve to enhance infection control.
This handpiece is autoclable up to 135, sterilized at 121 for 20minutes or at 132.
for 15minutes




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