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Dental Autoclave (GD-23)

  • GD-23
  • 443*660*386mm
  • hongke
  • 500PCS/Month
  • Foshan
  • Enlish Neutral Carton

European standards Class B

Three times of pulsation pre-vacuum and after-vacuum drying function, which can make the minimum vacuum of the sterilization equipments achieve 0.80bar and the left air is less than 0.15%. It improves the osmosis of the steam, and it can also sterilize the poly-hole fabric and thin long channel equipment more thoroughly.

Excellent spraying stream maker, which makes the stream faster and more efficient.

Automatic display of error information makes it convenience for self-maintain.

6 sterilization programs make the machine easy for operation



Pre-vacuum steam autoclave B+ series type


1. New type of separte steam gentator

2. Multi-language convenient for the dentist and all customers

3. The temperature accurate to the first decimal place, the pressure accurate

    to the second decimal place.

4. Have very detail print. can make the record of monitoring temperature

    and pressure per 6 seconds.

5. Automaticly door lock system.


safety device:

1. wide LCD display,10 programs Automaticly feeding water and daining water

    system easy to choose 

2.Automaticlly feeding water and excess water and air to be drained away.

3.Show the reason of failure on LCD directly

4.Connector for USB and outprinter or internal printer

5.Safety Devices:

   a.. Over heat control:When inner temperature is overheated,power will

      be shut down automaticlly and alarm system

   b. Over pressure control: it have alarm system when over pressure.

   c. Safety door lock system

   d. Low water level indictor:It have alarm system when low water


After service:


Please contact with the telephone and emaisl at any time.


Because of the time difference, therefore, sending Email is the best and convient way to contact us. Upon receipt of your e-mail, we give u reply immediately, offering solutions to equipment failures.Tonsor will extend the greatest effort to help your getting spare parts, speeding up your feed-back to customer demand.



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